14 de abril de 2014

Alternative Look

    Há imenso tempo que não fazia um post, por isso aproveitei que estou de férias para voltar ao blog.

Cada vez mais ando a mudar o meu estilo, tão depressa visto um look clássico como visto outro completamente diferente. Na última semana de aulas este foi um dos meus looks, e é um dos meus preferidos. Estou completamente rendida a todas as peças deste conjunto, mas principalmente às sandálias e ao blusão de ganga.
     E vocês o que acham meninas?

6 de novembro de 2013

New Launch! GlamST: Try Beauty Products Virtually and Receive Advice

GlamST is an app for windows phone that allows every women to apply make-up (virtually of course) in her own picture and learn more about make-up and what are the trends. I really love this app because it inspired me and I can see which color matches better with my lips or what make-up should I wear today at night. Now, I'm going to show you some pictures of GlamST and explain it.

In this picture we can see the page where we test products virtually.

Then we can see the before and after.

This is the page where we save the look.

In this page, we upload our picture and make some adjusts. You can learn more about this app here Do you like it ? Sponsered Post

23 de outubro de 2013


This is probably the most exciting post I've ever written, because my sister just arrived from England and brought me the amazing RiRi Woo from MAC. This lipstick smells like heaven and it feels really good in your lips. I also think this product suites all the skin colours and it's very bright. The most amazing fact about this lipstick is that it lasts lots of hours and the colour red just doesn't fade. Opinions on the legendary RiRi Woo?

30 de setembro de 2013

Clothing for a Wet Day

Oh, hi! I had school today and since it was rainy and windy I wore something more appropriated. I wore this beautiful jacket (good for wet days) and these Timberland boots (waterproof). This is all Zara (unless the necklace and the boots of course). Suggestions for my next post?

27 de setembro de 2013

School Fashion for a Rainy Day

So today was another day at school and I wore this very simple outfit. It looks just fine but it got all wet when I got to school, because it was pouring rain. I also had the opportunity to try my new western boots. Comments on it?

26 de setembro de 2013

Back to School Fashion!

So today I went to school, and since it was quite rainy I decided to wear something practical. What I really love in this top it's its back. I love the pattern and how it matches with this acid jeans and my new vans. By the way, I'm sorry because I've been away, because, you know, school just started and I have a pretty rough schedule.

14 de setembro de 2013

Friendly Walk - Fashion!

Hello fashion lovers! Today I went for a walk with some of my friends and this was basically what I wore. As you can see I wore this beautiful cropped shirt and these acid jeans, that I am in love with. I also wore these lovely beige shoes and my new necklace. Also, yesterday I went to Vogue's Fashion Night Out but I didn't take any photos because the streets were really crowed (as always in this annual event).