30 de setembro de 2013

Clothing for a Wet Day

Oh, hi! I had school today and since it was rainy and windy I wore something more appropriated. I wore this beautiful jacket (good for wet days) and these Timberland boots (waterproof). This is all Zara (unless the necklace and the boots of course). Suggestions for my next post?

27 de setembro de 2013

School Fashion for a Rainy Day

So today was another day at school and I wore this very simple outfit. It looks just fine but it got all wet when I got to school, because it was pouring rain. I also had the opportunity to try my new western boots. Comments on it?

26 de setembro de 2013

Back to School Fashion!

So today I went to school, and since it was quite rainy I decided to wear something practical. What I really love in this top it's its back. I love the pattern and how it matches with this acid jeans and my new vans. By the way, I'm sorry because I've been away, because, you know, school just started and I have a pretty rough schedule.

14 de setembro de 2013

Friendly Walk - Fashion!

Hello fashion lovers! Today I went for a walk with some of my friends and this was basically what I wore. As you can see I wore this beautiful cropped shirt and these acid jeans, that I am in love with. I also wore these lovely beige shoes and my new necklace. Also, yesterday I went to Vogue's Fashion Night Out but I didn't take any photos because the streets were really crowed (as always in this annual event).

10 de setembro de 2013

Outfit from the Last Post

I told you in the previous post that I'd be showing you the outfit I was wearing that day, so here it is: the top has a really nice texture and I love how the watch matches the whole outfit. I'm also wearing shorts but you can't see it properly. I'm sorry for that inconvenient I'll show them later on another post. I also decided to use this top in a more simple and comfortable way.

8 de setembro de 2013

1-Day-Trip to Nazaré

So yesterday I went for a small trip to Nazaré, in Portugal. It was quite funny and I really loved my outfit. By the way, tomorrow I'll be posting the full outfit I wore, because you can't see it all in these photos. I know I usually don't take photos of the sights but I just want you to appreciate these ones.

6 de setembro de 2013

What I Wear on Those Non-Special Days

Now this was a very funny and cool photoshoot, I've got to admit I've never had so much fun doing this! I am seriously in love with these shorts, and the combination with the top is just so simple and perfect for the summer! I know the summer is coming to an end, so wear it while you can, specially during those days where you're not going anywhere special.

5 de setembro de 2013

A Very Western Outfit

I was really excited to show you some of my clothes and so here's a new outfit I wore today.I think this outfit looks very western, and that's why I love it. Opinions on it?